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 2018 Small-Group SAT Courses 



Course targeting the May 2018 SAT

Registration for this course is now OPEN!

This eight week course will be offered at the following times (Choose one):

Sundays, March 4-April 29*:  9 AM - 12 PM

Sundays, March 4-April 29*:  12 PM - 3 PM

*No Class April 1

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To receive more information about the recommended testing timeline and this course,  Click Here.

 We will offer the same eight week course again targeting the June test date.

Registration for our course targeting the March SAT is now closed.


Sophomores, Mark Your Calendars!

2018 Summer SAT/ACT Jump Start Camps

Camps run Monday-Friday from 10 AM-1 PM and will be offered five weeks this summer:

June 25-29

July 9-13

July 23-27

August 6-10

August 13-17

(Students only need to choose one week to attend)

To receive more information about the recommended testing timeline and this camp,  Click Here.


Juniors—Time to Get Started!

Here Are the Top Nine Questions about the SAT and ACT

1. How do I know which test is best for me?
Compare your percentile score from each. (In other words, you have to take BOTH to know.)

2. Do all colleges accept the ACT?
BREAKING NEWS! More colleges now accept the ACT than the SAT.

3. Should I take the ACT?
YES! About 33% of students score BETTER on the ACT!

4. Does this mean I DON’T have to take the SAT?
NO! About 33% of students DON’T score better on the ACT. (The other third score about the same.)

5.  Isn't the SAT changing?  

Yes!  And Mindworks is ready with a new curriculum to help you prepare.

6. Can Mindworks help me do my best?

7. HOW?
We recommend that almost all juniors take the SAT and the ACT during both the spring of junior year and fall of senior year.

8. Why March SAT and April ACT?
Lots of reasons!

  • By taking both tests during junior year, you free up the summer to concentrate on any remaining areas of weakness.
  • By taking both tests during the fall of senior year, you ensure your score has the maximum amount of time to grow!

9. Why a small-group setting instead of individual tutoring?
Lots of reasons!

  • There are only eight students per group, and the groups are created based on scores—this ISN’T a large, impersonal class. Instead, it’s a small-study group of students with similar strengths and weaknesses.
  • We move quickly through areas of strength (so no wasting time) and slowly through areas of weakness (so lots of targeted instruction where it's needed most!)
  • Going straight to individual tutoring is like going straight to a surgeon! First, you need to go to a generalist to get the overview of what’s necessary.
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