SAT/ACT Course Descriptions

SAT Prep Small-Group Course (Strategies AND Content)

This eight-week course covers content and strategies for all three sections: Reading, Math, and Writing.  (We do not provide individual tutoring for the SAT or ACT until a student has completed our SAT Course.)

ACT Prep Classes (Strategies AND Content)

This three-week course includes all ACT strategy, in addition to content practice and review.  It is only available for those who have already taken our eight-week SAT Course.

ACT Strategy Seminar (Strategies Only)

This one-day seminar helps students who have recently studied for the SAT change gears to the very different ACT test format. (Students will need to practice content on their own; Mindworks’ SAT Small-Group Course is a pre-requisite.)

SAT/ACT Jump Start Camp (Preview of Strategies and Content)

This Camp allows rising juniors to get a head start on content and strategy for the PSAT and SAT as well as the ACT before school begins.

REMEMBER: we do NOT consider the Camp a replacement for the once-a-week-for-eight weeks course we offer immediately before the SAT test administered in the spring of junior year.   Instead, this camp is a wonderful supplement to the spring class.  If you can only choose one, select the course immediately prior to the spring-of-junior-year SAT!  (Students who DO take our Camp will be given priority registration for the class in the spring and a $50 discount on the tuition.)

College Application Essay and Personal Statement Seminar

This four-week Seminar held summer of rising senior year helps students complete the all important Personal Statement Seminar that attaches to each college Application!  (Mindworks’ SAT Small-Group Course is a pre-requisite.)

Classes held throughout the year—contact us to receive the schedule for upcoming tests!