We don’t envy the school board—trying to predict the future AND predict it correctly for every single area from which we have students is hard!

Here is how we will handle it at Mindworks:

  • For light snow, we will be open.  We strongly encourage you to drive your students, as

Teenagers + Snow = Yikes!

  • For moderate snow, we will be open, BUT we will also offer free make-up classes on Tuesday from 4-7 for students who can’t safely make it.  In other words, if you can transport your child safely, please feel free to drive your child to class.  If you can’t, we will gladly offer the make-up class on Tuesday at no extra charge.  Be safe!
  • For heavy snow, we will cancel.  Make-ups will be held throughout the week following the snow at no extra charge.  Our class make-up schedule will be determined by how long it takes for the roads to be clear, and we will post these make-up classes on Sign-Up Genius should a heavy snow occur.

We made it through Snowmageddon, which occurred during the class for students taking the March 2010 SAT, even though it snowed for 80% of the class dates!  Those students’ score improvements equaled those of all other courses, so we know we are able to seamlessly instruct your children, no matter what weather we receive!

We will post closures on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.  Otherwise, we are there for students who can make it and understanding of students who need to wait for a make-up class to be able to arrive safely!