Mindworks’ Recommended Testing Timelineschedule

  • October of Sophomore year: Take PSAT (given by the school; everyone receives scores)
  • Summer between Sophomore and Junior year: SAT Jump Start Camp (if an early start on the SAT process is desired)
  • October of Junior year: Take PSAT (given during the school day; you must pay for the scores)
  • Spring of Junior year: SAT prep
  • April or June of Junior year: Take ACT (either take “cold,” without any prep, or after a one-day ACT Seminar)
  • May or June of Junior year: Take Subject Area Tests (if needed or wanted—minimal prep necessary, if any, students have already studied extensively for finals, SOL’s, and/or AP exams)

(If re-takes are needed for the ACT or SAT, each test is offered again on different Saturdays in June, but students cannot take both the SAT and SAT Subject Area Tests on the same day.)

  • July between Junior and Senior year: free Sunday Summer Sessions to prepare for fall ACT and SAT (only available to those who have taken our eight-week SAT courses)
  • August of Senior year: Complete personal statement for college essay (Mindworks offers a separate course in to help students create a great personal statement to attach to their college essays. The eight-week SAT course is a pre-requisite.)
  • October of Senior year: Re-take SAT and ACT
  • October-December of Senior year: Complete college applications