This page is for our students who have already registered for one of our eight-week SAT courses.  If you have not yet taken a class with Mindworks and would like to enroll, please click here:

Hi Parents and Students,

We’ll keep this page updated for three main areas: Test Dates and Related Information, Status of Online Classes, and Status of In-Person Classes.

Status of In-Person Classes for Current Students

Common App: Gather Data Needed AHEAD of Time! (Free Resource/Not a Formal Program)

Status of Online Class Opportunities for Current Students


SAT (updated August 7, 2020)

  • Dates now include:
    • August 29 (Mindworks recommends this date as the first SAT date)
    • We have heard that SOME Fairfax County Schools will be hosting the August SAT, while other Fairfax County Schools will not.  Check your SAT Registration ticket, found within your account on the College Board website to determine if your test site has been moved to a new school or cancelled.
    • Cancelled?  Grab the first seat possible in the next test date, and then let us know how we can help!
      • Have trouble completing the registration?  MANY families have told us they had to try several times before the transaction was completed successfully!
      • Switching from a June seat to an August seat?  Try this:
        • Login
        • Go to My SAT Section
        • Find my June Registration and select the “Change Registration” button
        • Changed the date and confirmed it
        • Change the test center (if the same test center is not available)
        • Followed the rest of the prompts until it shows the applied credit
        • Print the registration ticket
      • MANY families have also been able to register for a second date, though again it took several attempts to get the transaction completed successfully.
    • September 26 (Mindworks recommends this date as the first SAT date IF a student can’t get a seat in the August 29 SAT, and either the September or October SAT as the second SAT if the first SAT was in August.)
    • October 3 (Mindworks recommends this date as the second SAT date for students applying early decision; students NOT applying early decision/action can take the SAT for the second time on the October, November, or December test date–whatever works best for their schedule)
    • November 7
    • December 5


ACT (Updated August 7, 2020)

  • NEW DATES HAVE BEEN ADDED – Dates now include:
    • September 12 (If a student doesn’t yet have the score needed on the summer ACT exams, Mindworks recommends September 12 as the fall ACT date for students applying early decision; students NOT applying early decision/action can take the fall ACT in October or December–whatever works best for their schedule)
    • Sunday, September 13 (non-Saturday)
    • September 19 (NEW)
    • October 10 (NEW)
    • October 17 (NEW)
    • October 24
    • Sunday, October 25 (non-Saturday)
    • December 12

College Board Announces No At-Home SAT Will Be Offered (June 2, 2020)


Some Schools Are Now SAT/ACT Test Optional 

  • Many colleges/universities are now changing their SAT/ACT policy from “required” to “optional.”
  • Mindworks hopes this will alleviate student stress!
  • Still, the SAT/ACT remains a great way to distinguish a student from other students with the same GPA.  In the competitive northern Virginia area, it’s hard to imagine test scores as unimportant!
  • Our usual recommendation is to take the SAT and ACT during the spring of junior year and to take each test again in the fall of senior year.
    • For students who have schedules that can accommodate a summer ACT and SAT (June or July ACT and August SAT) AND a fall ACT and SAT (September ACT and October SAT), we’ll stick with our recommendation of two of each test.
    • For students who can’t accommodate four total tests, we recommend taking one of each to start (June or July ACT and August SAT), and then one more test that displays student strength the best: either the October SAT or ACT.