Registration for current juniors begins October 15 for families on our interest list and opens to the public on November 1!

Want to be placed on the interest list?  Email us at!

Juniors (Class of 2025)

October 2023 Take the new digital PSAT during the school day
January-February 2024 Take SAT Course – Click Here to Register
Saturday, March 9, 2024 Take the new SAT
Saturday, April 13, 2024 Take ACT
June 2024 Students who had unexpected bad luck on the March SAT or April ACT can re-take either in June
July OR August 2024 Begin college applications by completing Personal Statement
September OR October 2024 Take ACT
August OR October 2024 Take SAT
October ~ December 2024 Complete college applications

SAT Online Course for the March 9, 2024 digital SAT Test (Tuition $1295)

All courses will be offered live online via Zoom.

  • Our courses are interactive.  Therefore, we do NOT offer recorded versions, as we would then lose the interactive aspect that makes the program successful!
  • Priority registration begins on October 10 for students who attended one of our Jump Start Camps this summer.  Registration for those on our interest list begins on October 15.  Registration will open to the general public on November 1.
  • The course consists of six sessions held weekly starting the last week in January.

Late-January through February: Six-Session SAT Course

  • Students will attend six classes:
Class #1: Take Practice SAT

(3 hours)

Class #4: Take Practice SAT

(3 hours)

Class #2: Review First Half of Practice Test

(90 minutes)

Class #3: Review Second Half of Practice Test

(90 minutes)

Class #5: Review First Half of Practice Test

(90 minutes)

Class #6: Review Second Half of Practice Test

(90 minutes)

  • Students choose from one of the four options below:
    • Sunday mornings from 9 to 10:30 AM, January 28 through March 3*
    • Sunday afternoons from 12 to 1:30 PM, January 28 through March 3*
    • Sunday afternoons from 3 to 4:30 PM, January 28 through March 3*

*on January 28 and February 18, students will need to stay an extra 90 minutes to complete a practice SAT

    • Monday afternoons from 4 to 5:30 PM, January 29 through March 4**

**on January 29 and February 19, students will need to stay an extra 90 to complete a practice SAT

  • For the online sessions, students will be grouped by strength so they will receive instruction targeted to their skill level.  This allows us to make sure that the online portion of each class session is targeted to the specific needs of the students in that class.  In other words, this ensures that students are placed in a classroom that does NOT move too fast OR too slow!
  • While we discourage make-up classes, we do offer them when students have an unavoidable conflict.

Click Here to Register

Check out a what our current online students have to say:

Thank you so much for the awesome prep work Mindworks did! I know this year had numerous challenges and tribulations but you pushed through with all the online classes and it was honestly great to see someone adapting to change so quickly. Overall, I just want to say thank you for the help Mindworks gave me, it really did help enormously!

Gavin G.

The thing I like about the SAT class is that I’m able to have fun but also get work done and improve my scores. It’s so nice to have a great support system at Mindworks!

Katie M.

I’m not only better at the SAT, but most multiple choice tests I’ve taken since Mindworks.

Will C.

I really enjoyed how Mindworks was able to create an effective and entertaining SAT class, from incorporating halftime class shows to teaching in costume, and I saw a huge improvement in my SAT and ACT scores.

Caroline F.

It was the most fun that an SAT or school thing could be, and I’m not as overwhelmed taking the tests because I learned a lot of things about strategies and how to get the best score!

Kelly H.

The best part of class was having a teacher who cares about teaching.

Ben B.

The class is actually fun, if you just listen to all the things Angela says while explaining SASSY and what not you’ll be entertained–a teacher…entertaining…no way right-trust me she’s funny as (censored by Mindworks:)

Mac K.

Freshman and Sophomores:  The first opportunity for test prep that we offer are our summer SAT/ACT Jump Start Camps that take place the summer between sophomore and junior year.  If you’d like to be placed on our future interest list, please fill out a contact form.  We have students on our interest list already through the Class of 2025!