2021 Courses for Juniors: 

Registration is now CLOSED for the course targeting the March 2021 SAT

Registration for Course Targeting the June SAT will open soon.

SAT Course for the June 5, 2021 Test –Tuition $1295

  • All courses will be offered online via Zoom.
  • An Online Parent Orientation, an Online Student Orientation, and a 90-minute Paper/Pencil Homework Assignment must be completed by at least one week BEFORE Class #1, so register early!
  • Parents and students will be emailed an invitation to RSVP for the one-time, one-hour Mandatory Orientation, and students will be emailed information regarding the homework assignment upon registration.

Please email us at Prep@MindworksEducation.com or fill out a contact form if you’d like to receive more information about the course.

We will not be offering a course for the May 2021 SAT, but will offer the same eight-week online course for both the June and August test dates.

Check out a what our current online students have to say:

Thank you so much for the awesome prep work Mindworks did! I know this year had numerous challenges and tribulations but you pushed through with all the online classes and it was honestly great to see someone adapting to change so quickly. Overall, I just want to say thank you for the help Mindworks gave me, it really did help enormously!

Gavin G.

The thing I like about the SAT class is that I’m able to have fun but also get work done and improve my scores. It’s so nice to have a great support system at Mindworks!

Katie M.

I’m not only better at the SAT, but most multiple choice tests I’ve taken since Mindworks.

Will C.

I really enjoyed how Mindworks was able to create an effective and entertaining SAT class, from incorporating halftime class shows to teaching in costume, and I saw a huge improvement in my SAT and ACT scores.

Caroline F.

It was the most fun that an SAT or school thing could be, and I’m not as overwhelmed taking the tests because I learned a lot of things about strategies and how to get the best score!

Kelly H.

The best part of class was having a teacher who cares about teaching.

Ben B.

The class is actually fun, if you just listen to all the things Angela says while explaining SASSY and what not you’ll be entertained–a teacher…entertaining…no way right-trust me she’s funny as (censored by Mindworks:)

Mac K.

Freshman and Sophomores:  The first opportunity for test prep that we offer are our summer SAT/ACT Jump Start Camps that take place the summer between sophomore and junior year.  If you’d like to be placed on our future interest lists, please fill out a contact form.  We have students on our interest list already through the Class of 2025!